BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Bleed This Passion

Let my knees relax as i crush my kush
attitude, passive mood, dont give a f**k like Bush
i got 5 more months and i can take off in a jet
or this new ride ive been placed in at a lovers expense
you love her? pay rent....she'll take care of the rest
she'll take care of your heart & unbury your stress
get married? ? ? i guess....nah we dead'd the dress
cause we both too young to commit until death
admit we both too sprung anything done isnt best
unless you talking bout these lines
forever frozen in my prime
ask Shannon Rich about these rhymes
peep the blog for thoughts combine'd
thoughts of hers
thoughts of mine
isnt my girl tho she is a dime
someone esles...must be fly
i write poetry with crusted eyes
dreams awaken my hindered mind
given time a phoenix will rise
as i have from my father's ashes
why bother asking? im not reenacting
i roll with a cleaner faction
its all in your head you need subtraction
bash skull against wall...bleed this passion

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