Bleeding Beat Of A Broken Heart

where have you gone? I need you here
failing to find any light in my fear
have you given up on me once and for all?
please dont do this; dont let me fall

darkness is covering me like a plauge
the kiss of happiness becomes ever so vauge
I can't keep pretending when I'm the edge about to leap
I want eternal peace if you love me let me sleep.

I cant keep trusting you like this
I cant keep running from how life is
I need a place to go
I need something that only I know
dont come find me please
let me take on this horrible disease

Where do I go to get my escape?
what kind of life can I create?
Who will miss me like you?
oh god what do i do?
so many questions left without answers and I'm begging to think the bullet is the best way to go
I cant go on here with the sickness in me this is the only way and so...
in the dark when you miss me the most I'll do my best to comfort you
but remember I have to let go of you

for all the broken things in the world, I shatter
for all things you care for, it just doesnt seem to matter
for all the losses I lose my fight
for all the bleeding beats I see no light
for all the blood lost, I hold myslef in the rain'
Hush....just close your eyes and forget your pain

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wow! you're a good poet. this poem is great, i really like it! ! : ]