Bleeding Birds, Be Inkless

Greedy for wanting a little more
Striving for happiness under a warm tree watching birds chirp
Little to no sound,
Echo a chirp for me.

I will pay to watch you
But i cannot promise to hurt you,
Grind the teeth that you Like so much
To hear you cry under the bleeding bush.

Many want something from me
An opinion worth garbage
For the them to hear
Ill lay close enough for they can hear,
Beware your inner thoughts,
For it comes for you
Hearing it soon.

In the ground you fly
Not sink
Now go
Your words over powered by dirt

Ink or pencil
Ill be without ink, with a brittle temptation
I will write into the sky
To kill these birds.

by Dazairie Rone

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Amazing poem.
Amazing poem.
beautiful expressions i like it. please read my poems and give your comments