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Bleeding Clouds

A white thick fog arose as I looked out the window
My dark-rimmed eyes cursing the lack of rainbows
Wishing…wishing for one last sweet rendezvous of what used to be
Videos of African rhythms that gripped my spirit
Bracketed hips that swayed
Back and forth
Hypnotic eyes lusting for the flesh
His dark flesh
Such a diplomatic pattern that showered me
Held me
Wrapped my legs around his body
Glittering dark trinkets of my mind
Reminding me of what was once fed
Is now a world of famishment
Slowly dead
And I grumbled and ranted
Vile language of my mind
No proof of love in this establishment
No evidence of his floodwater
For he sucked me dry leaving me to die
With bed sheets thirsty for a beam of spotlight
Can I at least stand upright and see a sunrise?
Obscene were his lies covered in the papillae of his tongue
Saliva of a fabricator with foolish speeches
Believing he could save me from past obesity of heartbreak
And I swallowed hard his bit of food still left in my tongue
Began to feel cold as I looked up at the skies
Bowing at me sympathetically
Listing malicious homicide of bleeding clouds
The denouncer of love
Apparent, illuminating my nights
Love had lingered out the door
Leaving me with dust and smoke to inhale
Asthmatic road twitching my nose
No doves circling in the air
A tribe of crows shrilled
Piercing my winter’s merry go round
With the wounds he left behind
(c) 1/2006FaceButter

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Comments (3)

I am so touched by your poem...it's just SUPERB! just the way you have used the words, and the metaphores, and the feelings, the way you have let them show through this poem...it's just amazing! Elya Thorn
Very expertly done. Modern poetry the way it should be written: detailed images pulling no punches. I especially like 'world of famishment, ' 'obscene were his lies...' 'obesity of heartache, ' and others. Thank you for sharing this. A ten from me. Martin
Wow! I don't know why you want my opinion Cam lam, you are a far superior poet than I could ever achieve. 10 from blown away, Tai