OA (july 8 1985 / Mushin, Lagos-Nigeria)

Bleeding Love.

I used to love you, i still love you, i'll ever love you.
Smiles we shared, you now shed.
Hopes we both tread, you now tend.
Times we both counted/used, now go tickling by your eyes.
Oh.......only if nature could return the good times.

Even when i kiss you, i feel coldness, and your palms
Draws weakness revealing the dropping stars in your eyes.
Our life we created, now you lay on the bed, praying tomorrow will
Get you up.Daily i pray your bones strength, your hopes
And dreams revived.
But you need courage to keep me it.
Not all.... i love you, still love you ever love you.

Dedicated to all sickle cell patient.

by Ojedokun Adeola

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beautiful ojedokun