Bleeding Love

I think im bleeding love,
down my body it goes.
mom, i getting scared,
its like an ocean, it flows.

No, its not green or red,
or purple or pink.
its black like my soul,
and black colored ink.

And only one person can save me,
my one true love.
He'd kiss me on my lips,
and birds would fly, no wait doves.

my souls not black anymore,
my love life is great.
my life is perfect,
we just got back from a date.

I have to pinch myself,
to make sure its not fake.
it seems like a dream,
but its really a lake.

Its a lake that flows,
with under water critters.
Some are sweet,
but some are bitter.

So, i ve learned in life,
to go with the flow.
go with the wind,
go with the blow.

by samantha stewart

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i love ur poem i think its good i love u more then any1<3333333333