Bleeding Tears

My eyes bleed tears,
because this curse,
thats laid upon my head.
Tis no reason left to live,
for love is cold and dead.
Days it seems just disappear.
and nights I am alone.
And theres no reason for a lie
if love is dead and gone.
To me it should not bore surprise,
why did I think a difference.
I have known this way before,
and begged for not repentance.
It seems Ive gone from bad,
to worse.
My eyes bleed tears,
because this curse.

by Ken Bennight

Comments (8)

my life story once again.. Perhaps we have much in common lol xoxoxxxxxx Black Rose
I love it so amazing good job really man how do you write so well? your amazing! Adding it to my fav's
Beautiful poem! ! ! ! Truely a great write! short, sweet and surely memorable :)
a lonly sadness WOW your poems are like drugs to me (not that i've taken any) those feelings are so unique
oh touchy expression dear saint................10 a must.
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