Dead & Gone

Crimson blood pouring from veins
No one to blame but you
None left for you to lend your troubles to

None to care whether
You lay to the tracks tethered

Not a soul around to hear a sound
As your bound to the ground
You'll never be found

Not a soul around to here you utter
Faint murder screams
Only making birds flutter

And as you see life leave
The only thing to conceive
Is why, because I'm the nicest guy
Who'll never hurt you as I let you die

Dead and gone are the thoughts I've had
Of a life lived together, thoughts how I'd never be sad

Or mad for that fact, but the thought soon fled at first blood shed
Knew then that was your tact

To get me to change
To try and rearrange
A perfect life I had built
Like a beach house with only one stilt

I'll love you, till the day you die

by Ryan Rhoades

Comments (5)

well i can see every poem you right seems to come straight from your heart with real emotions, what i find a major coincidence is that every single poem you wrote reminds of the situation i am in right now, and odd enough the girl that causing me this pain has your same name, I'm hoping it's just a mere coincidence.
I fully understood what your feelings, but I bit self-pitying I feel. No other point of view? Nothing? Very one dimensional poem, despite this, a nice display of emotion.
write the way u want to write not the way Poetry Hound wants u to write. ur poem is inspiring. strong emotions make the best kind of poetry, without them a poem would be bland and meaningless, this poem shows a lot of heart.
Strong emotion, but I'm not sure that automatically makes it poetry. I've been in the same place as you. Lots of people have. Help me look at it in a more personalized (poetic) way. Thanks.
What you don't want is indifference, hate you could handle if necessary. Reading your work it is extremely unlikely that indifference would find its way to you. So, since YOU are the love potion number one, all you need to do is give your soul some slack, so it can express itself in your poetry and love will surround you. You will notice its presence even with your eyes closed. So, chin up, chest out (even if they are not that big) and sing along with Louis Armstrong....'what a wonderful world...' Best wishes, Herbert