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Bless The Beasts

In Canada they clubbed the seals.
In Ireland they killed the eels.
Bull fights they waged in Madrid Spain..
a most brutal public kind of pain..
In Galapagos upended tortoise.
In Japan they knifed the porpoise.
In Denmark they slaughtered sows.
In Argentina they killed cows.
In Mexico they beat up donkeys.
In Zaire they caged up monkeys.
In Utah trapped mated raccoons.
In Congo caged baby baboons.
Norway Iceland Japan and US Inuit
hunted the last remaining whales.
In Ohio they crushed chick males.
and caged millions of bird females.
S Africans slaughtered elephants for their tusks
Idaho killed musk oxen for their musk.
In Virginia they hunted fox
At church gatherings they roasted ox.
In Maine boiled lobsters alive.
They advertised flesh on Channel 5.
Maryland taxes suffocated crabs.
Boston queen of cruel labs
In Korea they ate the dogs..
while in France they de-legged frogs
and Manitoba murdered hogs
Littleton Colorado poisoned
prairie dogs.
In Germany they choked
the geese.
In New Zealand
froze sheep unfleeced.
In China for spare parts they farmed bears.
In New Jersey for pleasure they killed bears.
In Saskatchewan they made Mad Elk & Deer
by feeding to the living the parts of dead deer
Near the feedlots of Amarillo
They tried to hit the armadillo.
In Wisconsin they separate cow mothers
from their daughters, from their brothers.
In College Park for Frank Perdue
UM taught skinning rabbits.
In Chile from stolen skin
they made their riding habits.
Israeli jets bombed cows in boats
Ukrainians made animals into coats.
In Egypt they ate
old faithful slave camels.
In Mecca they slaughtered
countless millions of mammals.
In Florida boats defin manatee.
In W. Virginia groundhogs
poisoned on the golfing tee.
50,000 mice and dogs
drowned at U of T.
In Vietnam cut off eyes of shrimp
At UK's Oxford they shocked the chimp.
In Australia clubbed 6 million kangaroo..
Hippo choked on tennis ball
at the Detroit Zoo.
At the stampede in Calgary
they create for calves a Calvary.
Kentucky horses die in barn fires.
and break their legs in the mire.
Water skiers marauded nests of powerless
floating loons.
Careless walkers smashed the nests
of terns in grassbraid dunes.
Chanel for civet harmed the cat
but who is tortured more than rat?
Ermine tongues to greased
traps in Siberia froze.
In Italy calves made veal..
.. especially loved.. flesh of rose.
Oregon cuts 1000 year old trees
while smashing their squirrels birds and bees.
Many hate the gentle cockroach
and upon her life span they encroach

Said one 'I think they're coming
to feed us! '
'No by God! they're coming to eat us! '

Everywhere they're dismembered subdivided
drawn and quartered crucified.
This hell will end... heart by heart..
as each soul wills to do its part.


This poem is dedicated to Alex Hershaft who
founded and continues tirelessly to work
on the Meatout and WFAD.

Thank You God Allah Divine Mother Shiva Great Spirit
Higher Power, by whatever name You are called, for ending today and forever
all violence to any being.

Tony Blair kept his election promise to end
fox hunts in England of more than 2 dogs.
But these hunts continue in Virginia.

S Africa and Norway also club seals
secretly Canadian
fishermen are involved in whale killing
WorldAnimalNet lists thousands of groups
working together around the world.

Many of these campaigns to stop Canadian seal clubbing, Japanese
and Norwegian whaling, Spanish bullfights, vivisection and animal
slaughter in the US and around the world, are ongoing.

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