Blessed Am I :)

It is such a NuRTURING cradle
is this site POEM HUNTER,
each time i compose and type a poem,
there is a sense of FULL-FILLEDness;
Like the gulps of water to a thirsty BEING
at the noon hours of the summer times!

My efforts are none, in these activities.
As the words JUST FLOW, out on their own.
and, it is all EXTEMPORE and neither
do i give it a second thought to edit OR alter them,
Lest the Sponteniety in the geity of rumbling thoughts
cease to be in my company..............

may these moments of blessedness,
gift to the reader a few moments of comfort;
- a gap in the chain of mundane thoughts and feelings,
which ceaselessly grip them with MECHANICAL existance,
and LIFT them into the infinite skies of THOUGHTS-FREEness
connecting with the MAGNETIC PRESENCE within them.


by Shree Bangalore

Comments (6)

wow this was truly heavenly very good write -10 anjali
you are truly heaven sent..marvelous work!
Well I guess we're all blessed...^-^ by God's love...
Its a rare gift one has which can't be stolen by any Art of writing and reading, a mind so vibrant with thoughts Blessed are we, while writing and reading Why to cry... we have nothing to celebrate Each day is a celebration with this gift. Thank you for write and this read, dear poet.
Indira Babbellapati has correctly said too are a blessed one
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