Blessed Birth Of Jesus(Pbuh) - [islamic Perspective]

Above others, Mary, a woman pure and ace.
Withdrew from her family to an eastern place.
Angel Gabriel in form of handsome man came.
Scared and frightened stood this young dame.

As he informed of pure boy, she was disgraced.
She averred ' I am not married and I am chaste '
It was easy for Allah, he said 'Be, ' and he was.
Like Adam he was created, man without flaws.

Conceiving him she went to a secluded place.
She wished to die before cruel world she faced.
Baby spoke as she groaned besides palm tree.
'Shake tree for dates, for water stream flows free.

I am not arrogant or miserable but kind to ye.
If someone points at you then just point at me '
In summer took birth God's mercy, God's shade.
Mighty prophet of Allah came to guide and aid.

Everyone spoke but virtuous Mary did not speak
Without speaking she pointed at child unique
Child spoke when people despised and scorned.
So peace be upon him the day he was born.

He never died, Almighty Allah raised him high.
So peace be upon him the day he will die.
He will make clear, God is one not three or four.
So peace be upon him the day he'll be brought before.

by Md. Asadullah

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