Blessed Prophet, Chosen Seer

Blessed Prophet, chosen seer

wrought in glory from thy birth!

Called to be the Lord's Apostle;

sent to lead and guide the earth!

Humble farm boy; revelator

saw the Father and the Son:

Learned his plan from Deity

and became the chosen one!

Hated hero, truthful teller,

Lived his life against the vain.

Brought to pass the restoration:

Sought not honor for his gain.

Hunted from the great beginning

of the plan for fellow men;

Sought for death from wicked heathens.

Apostasy was here again.

Murdered for the cause of duty

given him from hosts above.

Even though they scorned and mocked him

for his brethren he had love.

Blessed prophet, chosen seer

we are grateful for thy call!

We will meet with thee in heaven

and commend thee, one and all!

by Chris Schleier, Jr.

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