My Heist

In this world of wonder the life I ponder,
The voocks they are hunters.
I myself been down there eyes
Dreams of furthers closing in
Just a thought it will pass, like the king and his mass.
Soon now it's down
Now we see comes the dawn,
Marching with his tree of grace, we will all praise it's space.
Oh looks of beyond, I feel I have found my grounds, ...
Do I pass the same affection or do I question this passion.
From the wave your my ocean..
_star fish to my kelp? ? ? ?
wish star 2 hops
star 2 HOPES
tar was1nce apn uhh tymm
art was
was with
only you and always you, I did venture,
find my self much older but always:

But it's only a full moon, some say it's the time to bloom.

by Ruth cadenhead

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