Blessing For A Dollar

Unmoved by the winter cold he stood;
Waving to every passer-by to give food
Or a lifesaving gesture after reading the paper
Which many refused to look at so as to avoid the keeper.

The beggar needs no millions for his survival
But leftovers to keep on riding.
I gave him a quarter and he called me brother;
Because I knew it's hard to be alive sometimes
And easy to die even when feeding doesn't bother.
I got so much for so little:
Heartfelt blessings just for a dollar!
Worth a million because given from the heart,
Still believing in God's mercy even when times are hard.

Only for one dollar, I got a bread of life
From the man in rags struggling to survive.
It takes a heart to see for many passed by;
But few saw the Christ in need.

by Edouard BIZIMANA

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