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The eyes of twilight gaze at a candle,
Burning under the baluster of a churchyard.
Breeze fluctuating its flame softly,
White doves of love fluttering their wings
And murmuring the words they've ne'er spoken,
Under the eaves they unite and praise God
Priests of the past preaching salvation-
At the red-carpeted pulpit of people.
But the lambs sleep under the sea of sin
Leviathan stirs in their ears
Lo! Heart of man is the art of God
And in sculptured minds purity fade
Blessings are still there from God
Still there- flaming for us
But our hearts desire darkness as always
O'Come closer to the light,
That burning for you and me.
Come closer to the light,
That melts like a candle.

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Good word play for me.Most enjoyable.
Beautiful poem with the back dropp of the sanctum sanctorum with the candle burning down and God's love flaming for us, we sinners, groping in darkness! ! Great diction! !
Heart of man is the art of God. But his sculptured mind is fading its purity.....these are the two lines I loved and thought about deeply, really loved this one :)
I don't have words to comment upon this master piece which portrays the mind of human in simple words yet in powerful way. Thanks for sharing!
The combination of words here are very touching. Thank you for sharing this image. Peace, S.
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