We make life sweeter,
The spices of life are we,
We make all things more pleasant,
These pleasures you're favoured to see. There's elegance beauty and refinement,
But we need the eyes to see,
The wonderful love of the Master,
In lucid serenity. Here's refinement and humour to enjoy,
Piety and devotion to regard,
There's philanthropy and largesse,
There are things to remove and reward. There are harvests to reap, and fortunes to enjoy,
And to collect the profits due,
But you need God's blessings to garner,
Those prizes that fall due to you. Excellence is a merit,
But you need the prescience of view,
Or they'll pass before us as pearls before swine,
If the light of the Lord's not in you.

by Lazare Sebastien Eustache


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