Midnight Wolf

Tell me what the rain knows
A distant shadow flickering along a white wall
No one there to make it
Where I go the rain does follow
Midnight wolf of fading shadows
For whom which do you cry?
Why do you follow me?
Why? Please tell me why!
Someday tomorrow the rain will cease to follow
I am the only one that dares to believe
I can only see what other's don't see
Oh midnight wolf of sorrow
You still will always follow
Why are you the only one who believe's in me?
Oh come time tomorrow
The rain again will follow
And I will be the only to see
Oh midnight wolf of sorrow
Come please, please do follow
For we are the only one's who see
That the rain is the knowledge of past and future profits
The profits that only we can see
Midnight wolf that follows
The rain the cries in sorrow
I hope you both will never leave me
So dear midnight wolf of flickering shade
Do tell me what the rain does say

by Janelle Morehart

Comments (8)

oh! ! my word! ! ! this is very touching indeed..! ! ! really felt these lines... your poems can touch many hearts Fay.. nice write! ! ! 10+++ with love shan
Heart felt and beautiful writing. The brides of yesterday in the world wars and brides of today in wars miss their husbands. You touched me with your understanding and empathy. 10 Karin Anderson
A very beautiful poem Fay, with a sad twist at the end. I love the way you portray this bitter/sweet scene in such a masterful way I've given this an eleven out of ten - as it evoked menories of Taffeta and Chiffon. Of course I was arrested immediately afterwards Best Steve
a touching poem...beautiful
Fay, Very beautiful a poem... though we did not escape from tears.......... 10... All best Tsira
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