I would wait a thousand summers
To be with you
Curling up in the gangly grass
Drinking drops of dew
Letting time fly by
Like crickets on a saturday night
Here in the music of my summertime
Dripping honey off snippets of rhyme

Waiting for the sound of your soft feet
Waiting for the sweet voice calling me
Feeling your vibrations through the meadowland
Reaching out for your warm hands
I would wait for you beneath summer skies
For you to open up my eyes

But, what is this place
That you have left me?
Sinking in the icy cold
Jolting to reality
Ice crystals forming on my cheeks
Remnants of these past weeks
I will not wait here in this winter snow
There has to be somewhere else I can go
I will not wait for you in this desolate land
I curl around my cracked hands

Waiting for a sign to point me north
Waiting for your reasons to break forth
Feeling nothing through the hard cold ground
Reaching out to a silent sound
I would wait a thousand summers to make you mine
But I can't find my way home
You know I'm blind.

by Cora Windover

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