Epitafio Idea De Un Marinero

Hay que buscar, para saber
tu tumba, por el firmamento.
- Llueve tu muerte de una estrella.
La losa no te pesa, que es un universo
ensuẽno- .
En la ignorancia, estãs
en todo - cielo, mar y tierra - muerto.

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Deep, convicting. my type of poem!
Naive and innocent, just maybe, Alone with the mind, my baby, No troubles are stirring inside Are thoughts alone trying to hide? Does my subconscious know? Relay understanding or show? Horrors from war on the news? Guilt’s not convicted w/o clues. Children murder for a taste of rice, As we eat file minion thinly sliced, Women raped, beaten by the masses Do we look through colored glasses? How easily and often we soon forget, We choose to look away than submit, Fact is, children are still forced to steal, Trapped when they have food for a meal. Our way of life to the world is truly blind, How! Is America the Beautiful so unkind? Hardships of others lives we happily dismiss, Yet the Statute of Liberty greets with a kiss.
An excellent description of man's inhumanity. Must we keep our blindness in order to remain sane? Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Irene
You have described a bitter reality with very strong notion. Keep writing, Gabby.......10/10. Best Wishes Naseer
Excellent strong write Gabby...10++
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