Blind Fold

You begged me to control you
Giving your will that way
Allowing yourself to be used
Slipping in to the dom role
Like wearing some well worn clothes
You know what to expect
The thrill is the unexpected
And I guarantee this is what you will get

With grace you undressed
Before me you stand
I bid you sit on the edge of the table
There behind you, now you are shaking
Naked and unashamed
In all your glory waiting
As I lift the blind fold

The fun is about to start
You are so excited I can almost hear your heart
I see the sweat forming
The trembling of your skin
O now you are my puppet
Soon we will begin
The journey of pleasure

Feeling darkness surround you
As your eyes are closed
My touch is electric
Your body is so willing
Your mind as lost control
Gently binding your wrists
Touching you so softly

Your senses are heightened
Now you cannot see
Watching how it affects you
Brings erotic pleasure to me
Sitting on the table
Bound and without sight
The first caress of your breast

The pleasure starts tonight
Should I be gentle?
Or is it punishment you desire
That is no longer your choice
This only inflames your fire
As I decide you morn o so low
What do you think please let me know?

by Dennis Walker

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