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Today Was A Good Day
( / Connecticut)

Today Was A Good Day

Poem By everythings gonna be alright

Divisiveness is encouraged to exist.
This keeps issues of fear discussed...
With images that disgust,
And assisted by the use of threats
To infest a weakness with added distress.
And visions of terrorists,
Lurking into bedrooms...
Is just what is wished,
By those who predict...
A looming gloom of doom!
And this should make one think...
If this was true,
Why do those of evil wishes...
Let us gather to celebrate such holidays as we do?
And attend sporting events in tremendous arenas!
Shop in gigantic malls.
Driving on highways that come to a crawl.
And reminded of this wonderful life we live...
Criminals elected to represent us in politics,
Argue between themselves...
About who is more conservative
As premature death comes to our kids
Fighting for the right to have these fools unite,
Their blind ignorance!
Reflecting a representation of their constituency...
That is done quite well.
And sending their standards and way of life,
To a hell promoted and wished all to dwell!

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Comments (2)

Yes, and we also taught to hide under our desks at school if there were ever any bomb raids... and muscling my political opinions aside, to say thank you for a heavy hitter, thinking is not optional when reading it. Much appreciated!
Yes, that is how the unprincipled politicians behave! Unfortunate, but a hard fact of life!