Blind Love

Just walk straight past as if I’m not even there,
Because if you stop I’ll tell you I still care,
So just keep walking on by,
I’ve got to stop these feelings,
Well at least give it a try.

Stop! Don’t even speak,
Because my heart and soul is hurt and weak,
I need you to leave me, leave me all alone,
Pretend I don’t exist; pretend you never knew me,
Don’t get calling me, erase me from you life and delet me from your phone.

For I can’t take you lies and your deceit,
If you stick around my heart will no longer beat,
And I will just curl over and painfully die,
Slowly and tragically,
Without a goodbye.

by James Lee Watts

Comments (2)

You write with heart and thats a gift
Hey James that will touch alot of people that lost their love now and forever