IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Blind Luck For Joe Poewhit

Some can foresee what is to be
Fleeting images which quickly pass,
on which they base their prophecy.
When they employ their scrying glass.

Still others can review the past.
Reality not history,
enabling them to overcast
false hypotheses and theory

But most cannot and they must deal
with what is happening here and now.
The things we see and hear and feel.
The most nature will allow

are hunches and presentiments.
You act upon if you are wise.
Sometimes as if by accident
you know more than you realise.

Your mind reacts unconsciously
To what it sees may be a threat.
It observes subliminally
And very often you forget

The reason that you changed your mind
And thus avoided tragedy.
Perhaps you left your keys behind
and had to return hurriedly.

You don’t believe in E.SP.
Although you are willing to
accept your hunches easily.
I am quite sure most people do.

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