IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Blind Trust For M'Lady Lynda

I searched for love a life long quest
but always love eluded me.
Although I tried I failed the test
no woman ever looked to see.

Beneath my rough exterior
that I was faithful true and kind.
They saw me as inferior
and not the man they had in mind.

The ideal man they hoped to wed.
They shuddered at the sight of me
regarded me with fear and dread.
I had no doubt I was ugly.

Though tall and strong my face was marred.
A port wine stain disfigures me.
Although I found it very hard
I was quite sure that there must be.

Some woman somewhere who would dare
disregard my ugliness
A woman brave enough to bear
my company without duress.

I met a maiden in distress.
Though she had eyes she could not see.
I treated her with gentleness
she blindly placed her trust in me.

Her guide dog had deserted her.
She was afraid lost and alone
the area unfamiliar.
She could not manage on her own

My ugliness she could not see
and judged me without prejudice.
She trusted me instinctively.
To me a gift beyond all price.

We walked and talked like two old friends
despite the fact we had just met.
How odd it is that fate depends
on factors chosen randomly.

She could not see my ugliness
but I could see she needed me
to rescue her from her distress
and thus it was eventually.

My lady fell in love with me
I dared propose and she said yes.
The blemish which she could not see
no barrier to happiness.

She sometimes tells me teasingly
that I’m a very handsome man
. Though with her eyes she cannot see
she swears that with her heart she can.

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A wonderful poem Ivor! ! Sooo touching! A pleasure to read! ! ! *10plus* Best regards! Friend Thad