Poem By Kendell Cochrane

We don't know how much time we have,
Yet still work to the bone,
To provide a life we think we need,
For those we leave alone,
At home to take care of our kids,
While working for "the man",
Coming in on overtime
To help finance that plan.

To build a life we think we need,
The house, the cars, the toys,
Only once that's all acquired,
will you bank in on the joys-
But life is unpredictable,
And never goes in order,
It seems most keep an empty frame
While slaving on the border.

Society's conditioned us to
Work towards a status,
Recognized with man made money,
A fictitious apparatus;
That separates the classes,
Causing people to lose sight,
Of why we're really here,
This didn't happen in one night!

We are here to help each other,
Not compete, lose sleep and stress,
For this planet houses gifts,
But they're hidden amidst a mess.

We are here to teach our children
That moments are what count,
Not the toys in their backyard,
Material shit cannot amount,
To the memories that should be made,
With every day we get,
Whether with close friends & family,
Or a stranger you just met,
Things happen for a reason,
Some lessons cause deep pains,
But with help from those around us,
It transforms them into gains.

Living to work is not the way
Life is supposed to be,
That is something I believe in,
And hope one day we'll break free


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