Blinded By Belinda!

Belinda! Belinda! Belinda! Oh, won't you marry me?
Your negatives would hinder, say YES, bring ecstasy!
Don't put it off another day! Don't leave YES till tomorrow!
Just shout the word I hope you'll say and that would end the sorrow!
You see, my heart is all on fire! It only beats for you!
For you're the one that I desire! As if you never knew!
You must have seen the longing looks, heard sentimental sighs...
All straight out of Mills & Boon books! Say YES or my heart dies!
I'll simply pine and fade away! Have pity on my soul!
Say YES TODAY! YES! YES! TODAY! Or else I'll lose control!
I'll sob and sob, throw tantrums, too! I'll not give up, my girl!
Please won't you see my point of view! You've set my world awhirl!
I'm not the same as once I was! As cool as cool could be!
And you're the reason, all because you're gorgeous! Meant for me!
Forget the millionaires out there! Forget the hunks you've seen!
Just marry ME! You know I care! Though I've not got a bean!
We'll live on love! We'll both get by! Who needs a Rolls-Royce, dear?
With love, we'll both have wings to fly! If not, we could stay here!
London's great and it suits me fine! Much better than New York!
If you stay here, we'll just recline! Lie on a bed... and... talk...
Say YES! Let's marry this July! Let's tell our parents soon!
In August, we can boldly fly... off to our honeymoon!
What's that? You simply have to leave? Oh, bother! (Censored! Damn!)
Gordon Bennett! (Censored!) Oh, good grief! Au revoir, my honey lamb!

by Denis Martindale

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