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Poem By Sourav RCY

Blinded by design.
A condition so effective...
Whatever comes next for them,
Few will accept.
And most will reject.
Especially those opposed to facing truths.
Since the feasting of historic concepts...
Have only been fed to them,
With the only best...
Of tasty deceptions.

Blinded by design,
And the majority are fine about it!
Or were...
Until just recently.
A disturbance regarding their finances,
Has cause their eyes to open wide!
Leaving many traumaticized in disbelief.

And even though the sky is falling...
To scurry many chickens home to roost.
An elected goose promising golden eggs would be laid...
Has been discovered to be the leader,
Of a tremendous duping done...
With a horrifying scooping of their finds to boot!

Blinded by design,
For a very long time.
And slowly is this reality being revealed...
Since the bottom of their butts will soon be busted.
Not only to abandon those trusting disgusted!
But hundreds of thousands,
Seen going literally out of their minds!

And a sceaming done by those who find...
No missionary charities soliciting to depict,
Their disadvantaged sufferings...
On local tv to gain sympathy from those rich.
Since the voices heard are theirs...
At a dispassionate fervor bursting,
Terrifying pitch!

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