IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Blinded By Pride For Jt Ellison

Before recorded history.
Were men truly uncivilised?
or are we merely ill advised
and misinterpret what we see.

Some ancient monuments still stand.
Which we cannot explain today.
How were they built? No man can say.
Although we strive to understand.

Suggestive of technology
which is unknown to modern man.
We can’t explain it no one can.
There is no reason I can see.

There should not be technology
which we can’t duplicate today
Which somehow somewhere went astray
which brought them down eventually.

But modern man cannot accept.
That we too may have gone astray
and blunders blindly on his way,
As did the others I suspect.

Before the great catastrophe
reduced them back to primitives
Perhaps we do not want to see
a parallel with our lives.

Cursed by our curiosity
Mankind meddles where he should not.
Condemned to act impulsively
the lessons of the past forgot.

Perhaps in time mankind will learn
there are some things we may not know
or we will vanish in our turn.
And leave only ruins to show.

The heights to which we once aspired.
New races will investigate.
By remnants we have left inspired
and no doubt confidently state.

They are much wiser than we were
as we are inclined to boast today.
Each generation seems to prefer
to think theirs is the only way.

May be its true we’ve reached the peak
The highest point our race can reach
and that we have found what we seek.
I rather think events will teach.

That in due course this is not true
We too will vanish without trace.
and clear the way for something new
As early races had to do.


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