'My Heart Loves You Honey'

'My Heart Loves You Honey'

My heart loves you

My soul loves you

My eyes are missing you

I wish that your family agrees to marry me

But what can I do, it's something in your parents hands

I write letters to you all the time

I put a rose every day on the wall of your house

You are my life and my soul

Each beat of my heart is calling you, honey

I love you so much

I miss you so much

I wish that I can be with you someday

I wish that

'Best Wishes To You From Whole My Heart'

Your Lover Forever In Whole Your Life
The Romantic Man
Ali Sabry

by Ali Sabry

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This is one you refused to review during your self imposed exile on that 'other web site'.
Good God! I hope this is fiction....Good one, Putzy!
This is full striking imagery.