Blinded Decisions Made

People outraged,
Over rumors heard...
Without facts.
Or questions to ask,
Why the heat applied...
Has cause them anger.
With a stirring up,
Their reactions so fast.
Are the same people,
To depend and expect...
Will manifest divisions,
Among themselves.
And with blinded decisions,
Like pigeons flocking quickly,
To what they perceive to be...
Either popcorn or bread crumbs.
And not discovering,
Until it's too late...
They've been knocked out,
By thrown rocks.
From someone sitting atop,
A flag bearing...
Blackened window limousine.
Shouting obscenities.
The acceptance of craze.
From where it originates.
And a thought process to dim,
Removing permanently to end...
A consciousness once connected,
To truth and its existence...
With reality.

'Do you believe,
What I see going on? '

-I do.
But I don't know,
From whose point of view...
I should pray to give,
All of my sympathy.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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