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Blinded From His Blessings
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Blinded From His Blessings

With a crook of her finger
He would be at her heels
Always ready to cater
To base his life upon every whim
Her smiles her frowns,
Her ups her downs
Were his new life
What a lucky girl, they thought

Her needs all met
And so much more
From the acts of a lovesick soul
Who wanted no more than the sight of happiness
In the eyes of the one he loved

When her head would rest at last
Her day fulfilled
The words “I love you” lingered in her mind
For the last conversation with him
Ended in nothing less

The days came to pass
Her thoughts began to wander
The showers of gifts
The poems that lined her drawers
Were no longer blessings to her
For the love he had given
Had been taken for granted

As she hung up the phone
He held onto his
His cheeks damp
His heart compacted
A broken man, he slept

The repercussion of her acts
Have yet to catch up to her
For her newfound freedom
Will turn into regret
Her life, void of what it longs for,
The presence of love
She was too blind to see.

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