TB (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)


Why go about with your eyes open wide and exposed for all to see: you look back and fall in the wiles of the evil ones..the one's that play you for all their glory and make you do all their biddding while they are interested in you... but, remember there comes the day they throw you aside.

Wear only blinder's so you might see only what is in front of you and you can stop and look down to let the evil pass; for only with the blinder's are you safe from them.

You may have a restful sleep now and not cry to sleep for once; you may arise and know joy and love of the world, while the evil one's can only envy your blinder's.. for they want to be seen by you so they can twist your insides and tear your heart apart.

Let the ice surround your heart from them and go about your business and see only that which is in front of you...and you will survive.

Only, can that one that is special remove the blinder's. That one with love for you in his eyes.

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