It is impossible to imagine a color you have not seen.

I can't call my mother because she makes me panic.

When I say that I'm crying, what I really mean is that I want to cry, but can't.

Instead of dying: the jellyfish simply ceases to move.

Glass moves like any other liquid but slower.

Sex is another way of communicating with your body, like self harm or sign language.

I complete five crosswords a day because it stops the panic.

Trucks are downshifting on main street.

Most of what I do, I do to stop the panic.

I never cry about things outside of my head because they all seem so far away.

Hair is partially composed of cyanide, napalm is just gasoline and plastic. I am just carbon and bad timing.

If i were someone else, I think I would still be mentally ill.

It is impossible to imagine a color you have not seen.

by Neil Hilborn

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There is a surface and then there is what's beneath! Many settle for surfaced 'realities'. Others awaken to depths to realize the wealth of discovery! you are still youthful and impressionable! there is so much to understand once one allows to comprehend the experience that life offers. You might welcome that challenge one day! L