Blinding Black

Why would someone write a poem?
Is it because life is crappy at home
Or is it because it really means something
To you or somebody else that has dreams
Life will just keep going by whether you’re alive or not
Though you can’t give up while you still have a shot
Life is just too precious to just go and forget what matters
The people who mean everything to you when their gone it shatters
Me I’m hurting bad because of me
So it’s my own fault for my misery
People ignore you until they think they will lose you
Then there’re filled with regret because it was true
Just how you cried
Because you were denied
And the pain will never subside
Just think about the people you did hurt
Say you’re sorry but it doesn’t always work
And for every girl that cries
Because she bought into all his lies
That guy will never be me
I’m to careful to ever let it be
I’ll be sad for all the girls that cry
But I can’t do anything but try
I’ll cheer you up because I love you
But it’s sad because you don’t love me
But if there was something I could ever do
I’d lay down my life and take all the bullets for you
Pain is nothing compared to how desperate I am
To just hear you say your my friend I know you can
I’ll do whatever it takes whatever you want
For you I would do the most insane stunt
Just take my pain away and I’d be so happy
But you will never reach me in time
Now I will take a walk down the line
I see now that it might never be
But no I will never stop trying
Never giving up at least not until you shoot me down
Then I’d be gone in this world I’d be no longer be around
Forget your memories forget your love it will kill you soon
I may be 15 but I’m already headed straight to my doom
For all you who are married and in love
You’re probably happy while I’m just a glove
A dead machine a tool for other peoples use
Life is filled with nothing but emotional abuse
My heart runs cold on the horrible bloody night
That your about to get killed but I take the strike
You I bravely saved but now life is what I lack
Out with all the red and in with the blinding black

by sam, corrupt S, finley

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There is a surface and then there is what's beneath! Many settle for surfaced 'realities'. Others awaken to depths to realize the wealth of discovery! you are still youthful and impressionable! there is so much to understand once one allows to comprehend the experience that life offers. You might welcome that challenge one day! L