i'm swallowed in depression
i hate your stupid guts
someone get me scissors
i need a wall to punch

i want to bleed forever
this anger can't be real.
i'm only 17,
and THIS is how i feel? !

i don't like my mother
i can't be close to father.
i hate what i've become.
why should i even bother?

i want to scream at them
i need to kick and yell
how could he love her back?
he knows how hard i fell.

forget that i am failing
almost every class.
i shouldn't be around here
my future's ending fast

i need to have control
i think my heart is bleeding
outside i am quiet
but inside i am screaming.

i want to just let go.
i think i've lost my mind
he says that i'm okay.
love really must be blind.

by Desiree Whitamore

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