Poem By Robert Sheridan

Was too caught up to see
Lacked the sense of sight
Throw in unquestioned faith
No tenacity - blind chance.

Reached out - helping hand
Hidden view - blind corner
Like Jack Horner - pie eyed
Once again got hit in the face.

No outlet, sealed up ends
Assigned a blind box number
Get out the seeing-eye dog
Too late, wouldn't have helped.

Memory wasted, gimme shelter
Like buying a blinker for a horse
Being blindsided is like going on
a drunken spree, except you're sober.


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ǣ Ceallian Tð Ælmesse

(a call to alms)

fðlmes ðf þæt giernans
(hands of the beggars)


Graying of hair
Bit of a spread
Feet of clay, I
sit here slowly

Lufian Ðpeians

(love opens)

sceawian seð beacen þæt halgians
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Clear As Mud

Soft earth, or earthy matter
Scandalous and malicious
assertions, brewed strong
and bitter; as-a lubricant


Lash of love's whip
Abrupt, snapping
motion - dot the i
and cross the t;


I ruminate & I ponder
I don't always think
things through, then
enters the 'f' word,