(july 27 1994 / California, but move around a lot.)

Blink Of An Eye(Thought)

Trapped in the fog of an ever changing dream.
Swimming through the currents of time.
High on a fiery mountain covered in steam.
Lost in a forest of tall wood pine.
Stranded on a sandy island beach.
Watching the auroras in the northern sky's.
Listening to a world with lessons to teach.
This all happens when I close my eyes.
These things that I see.
The wonders of the world could pass you by.
It goes to show you how much can change,
In the single blink of an eye.

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Its very evocative and I love the rustic scenery you construct, the romantic era is one of my favourite eras of writing, and this reminds me of something by John Claire a man I've always loved.
Ashleigh... I am all about honesty and feelings and like you, when I close my eyes, I see the world differently... Sometimes people who don't have a talent for writing do not understand how we can put down on paper what we see or feel... this is where talent comes in... To me, in my opinion, poetry is not about rhyme always or perfect structure of a verse, but loose thoughts, how you feel at that precise moment and how to put it into words to make the reader feel what you felt at that moment and share a part of your soul that way with another person... You captured it well in this poem... I thought it was beautiful...
Good rhyming.I liked the topic! It was happy and light and well written! beth