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Red summer
scent dances through
my open windows,
wraps itself
around me
like my mother’s love
and I go
inside a child’s dream
back to a place
where days had no end
where time rocks
leisurely on a wooden chair
sipping tea without counting.
I continue to
float down like a leaf
leaping off the tip
of a redwood tree,
gliding down onto
a bed of
thick plush blades
of deep green grass,
rippling like an
ocean feeling rain.
I land ever so slowly
and I am six again.
Laughing while playing
games with my friends,
And I am feeling
pure innocent everlasting joy
Underneath deep blue skies
being tickled by cotton candy clouds
Before the dark orange shadows
of dusk carry me away …

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Oh, my gosh... I do love this... not only for it's structure and imagery... but selfishly for it's sentiment as well.