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Bliss Meditation

To be unhappy is to run out of LIGHT.
When I find myself headed to darkness,
I reverse my actions.

I change course to another universe;
For I am proactive, not a victim.
I expand my vessel for LIGHT by...

Diffusing my ego,
Dropping false hopes and illusions,
Dumping depression,

Throwing doubts, pessimism,
And limited nature,
Melting the fears that freeze,

Blocking negative tendencies,
And memories from my consciousness,
Resisting agenda and ulterior motives,
Liberating addictions, keeping only
Addiction to the LIGHT,

Distancing myself from the material,
Turning hardships to strength and beauty,
Uprooting the negative seed,

Tapping into universal truths,
Teaching, not preaching,
Putting happiness over righteousness,

Concentrating on tolerance,
And receiving to share,
Removing hate and replacing it with compassion,
Spreading love for no reason.

I believe this revolution is possible
On a personal and global scale.
LIGHT is within.

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Couldn't agree more, for me, Tai Chi replenishes the light and the rest comes naturally with it. Great thoughts from a great poet, Bliss Meditation is a perfect title, love the name too. Tai off to blissful bedfordshire