IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Blissful Ignorance

As I grow old to my surprise
I’ve slowly come to realise.
That every thing I thought I knew
is mostly if not all untrue.

The things which I was taught at school.
They too must succumb to the rule
that truths like fashions quickly change.
New truths emerge to re-arrange.

The currently accepted view
when new facts have been proven true
at an ever increasing rate.
I simply can’t keep up to date.

I do not let it worry me
I jog along quite happily.


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Comments (4)

I absolutely love this poem! Especially the end.
Ignorance is truly a bliss…. no more botheration touches the mental plate No need to dig the ever changing truth if we find happiness in the realistic state…. Musical and well rhymed stanzas truly on the classical pattern…. Abha
Great read Ivor! Capturing and so true! ! *10*! ! Best regards! Friend Thad
Ivor, this poem makes me smile. When I returned to school after a 30 year plus leave, I was informed that the degree and credits I had earned long ago was out-dated! I have had to retake many of my sciences courses. Did you know there is entirely new kingdom in the biological classification system? Blessings to you, Ivor, Debora