Blood And Sand.

I feel I've been to hell and back
And I've seen a thing or two
I've stared at death right in the face
And seen starvation through

I've rubbed shoulders with those in povertry
And smelt the stench that said decay
I've seen the wild eyed and the sobbing
Fall upon the ground and pray

Tasted cordite settle on my lips
While my ears still rang with pain
Saw the tears of frightened children
As they huddled in the rain

The flash that turns the night to day
Then heat and choking smoke
While tomorrow brings new terrors
In the wake of faltering hope

Thousands fled their lands and homes
With little else to show
Except the clothes upon their backs
And nowhere else to go

Some have called it ethnic cleansing
Genocide should give a clue
Has mankind not learned anything?
Since the horrors of world war two.

by Graham Jones

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I just wish some of the politicians could sit & write poetry. Might make them think a bit. This is excellent. (10)