NF (Janaury 19,1992 / Hutchinson, Kansas)

Blood And Tears

Windows: covoured in rain
Mirror: Covoured in blood
Her face: Covoured in tears

She cries as it rains
Dragging the razer across her arms
She screams and throws herself at the mirror
It brakes

Cutting her even more
The glass in slivers cling to her skin
The larger peices fall to the floor
Shattering ever mor so

She diggs at her face
Trying to get the slivers of glass out
She runs out of her room
Doubling over
Into the bathroom she goes

Covoured in her own blood
She locks the door
Turning on the shower
She steps in and lifts her bleeding face into the spray
She closes her eyes as the water
Washes away the tears blood and glass

She smiles to herself as she feels the relief
Of the glass freeing it's self from her body
She peels off her clothing and drops them out of the tub

She opens the bath curtian
Turning off the shower and on runs the bath

She lays down
She closes her eyes
Slowly she slips into the sweet nothingness of death

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