Blood Drunk

Can darkness dispense darkness?
Can red colour blood?
Why ask for a heart_
From a heartless beast!

Animals for lives,
Bullets for yams,
Brutality for sanity,
Fear for sweat.

Guns are dancing_
Bullets are flying.
Time is ticking_
Humans are watching.

My nation is gone,
My people are done.
Fear has glue their tongues,
Speak now and be the next.

Maybe we have a leader_
Maybe a caricature,
Drunk with blood, he smiles;
His agenda gradually taking shape

Revolt against tyranny,
Speak against insanity,
Act against feebleness,
Stone the thieves while you're alive.

I will rise to my death,
Like Mandela, I will fight.
This box is becoming too tight,
I'd break out to the light.

Blood drunk, we staggered,
The ground is overfed.
Innocent blood cries out;
We are all blood drunk!

by Friday Dejavu

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