Blood, Guns And Crows

I can see him running through the hall
I can hear him shout and I can hear him call
I can see him rise and I can see him fall
I can see him fly and I can see him crawl
soldier of war, my love through you I feel it all

they ironically wonder why you arrive disturbed
they havent been hunted like a bird
they havent been sacrificed like a sheep herd
they dont know the consequences of what occured
they were here as safe as can be what have they seen or heard

I shall wait untill you arrive
I shall not rest untill you survive
I shall wipe your wounds and tears
I shall scare away your pain and fears

but if the crow visits me in black
leading no one and leaving no track
Ill still act strong untill they have no doubt
and when they are gone I can finally shout

I will summon you every night
I will feel your presence in every delight
I will throw every clock and Ill make time freeze
I will rest in denial while you rest in peace

by Ayesha Sartawi

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