Blood Hurts

I have watched the bullfights
Matadors and the cows
In Spain, in Peru, Portugal
And blood-reaction
Revengeful and mourning
I saw cows
By Oxus; Afghan-side

I have seen the blood write in eyes
Of fear and the need for revenge
I know much; well-aware
Of them all
I can talk for hours

But it hurts
Blood hurts
Even red
On the ground
In the hand
In arrows or parrots

Mimicking rage of hate

The news
On papers and in air
The puppies on the chests
And looting of Muslims
(For killing; what's happened)
And hateful slogans
Regardless of which side

I know all
But honest and sadly
I confess

I wish I did not know.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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