AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Politicians Tell Us Lies

The golden rule in the game of politics
Is to keep the truth hidden
Create problems and take credit for solving
Why are they hiding behind excuses
Depriving us from our real needs
Why is the person educating our kids struggling
to make ends meet?
While the one shooting pornography is living rich?
Why is the person who runs a library gets the
lowest salary?
While the one who runs a brewery makes a fortune?
Seems like the people doing the important work gets
the lowest pay
Or maybe the meaning of important work has changed
today maybe it is when you throwing your life away
For today, what being cool is doesn't make sense at all
It is when you abusing yourself with alcohol
Exploiting your lungs, experimenting with the drugs
Fascinated by a life lived by thugs
With guns wasting each other's lives
In the streets husbands & wives
Are bringing up kids who are educated fools
Why are we burning schools
Because we demand RDP houses?
Why not be street wise
And get the government touch
Why not strike constructively and not destructively
Push further we might get it eventually
I heard that due to a shortage of good followers
The production of great leaders has been discontinued
No wonder why we have the man from Nkandla
Where have all the real leaders went
The leader is in you not in the government
Why not claim our land back
Like Mugabe in Zimbabwe
Why keep voting ANC even when we see the corruption
it feeds us
Why let Chris Hani's plan die with the man
Why not inherit his plan & see his vision manifest
How can we when the money is put first?
Humanity spit at
The honey is sweet but the chris is first
Everybody loves to eat but no one wants to be in
the kitchen
Cooking for freedom can be a deadly and a solo mission
And so no one wants to fill those slots
Why get jailed for your thoughts
Why did it take Nelson 27 years for them to learn the
Was it coincidence or business decision
What was the plan of action
Walk out of jail and brainwash the nation?
Long walk to freedom just to witness your own people
die of starvation
Wow standing ovation
Father of the nation
Father of the nation
Father of the nation
What have they done to you


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