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Blood Of The Innocents.

Grey days and the blackest of nights
Revealed by the dawn, the most terrible sights
Confusion runs wild, amid ruins and smoke
Pursued by emotions of anger and hope

Lives that are lost, In the blink of an eye
While friends disappear without even goodbye
Where courage and cowerdice now go hand in hand
Fear being the bond, mixing blood in the sand

Compassions a luxury, that few can afford
Survivals the object, not points that are scored
Starvation and thirst, adds its bitter sweet taste
Whrenching childhood from infants, regardless of race

Still the blood of the innocents, soaks into the ground
Leaving little to show, not even a sound
Except for the tears, of those left behind
As a reminder to others, of the worst of mankind.

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Comments (5)

Great write, Graham... every stanza was better than the previous, each leading to a truely impactful ending. Very powerful and well done! ! Brian
Such a beautiful but cruel world/I am looking out the window it is pouring of rain how many people have to prey for it/ very moving poem, it said it all cheers Sylvie
very moving, really strikes a chord. frank and direct way of putting your message across. a good reminder that this world isn't all chocolate cakes and roses.
The blood soaks into the ground, whether innocent or not. Death meet us all sooner or later, and only the ones left behind have to pay the price.
Hi Graham, I like this. It's sad enough the things we do to each other unwittingly, to add vengeful spite and bitterness to the mix makes untenable situations almost impossible to rectify. This has good flow, and is very heartfelt. Thanks for the read. Ken