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Blood Of The Norse
FN (So long ago as to render me an adult but not longh enough to be elderly. / in Richmond Yorkshire)

Blood Of The Norse

Poem By Fox Nekitsune

Innan minn munr vegr Njordir blod rinnar
Til veg eldri bruni I voxtr vanr
Veg hleypa liki hross
Innan sja lif I hafa sidoss

Veg vif valdy Lifa
Vifr stigr vissa
Ein dagr I vili vifa
Eda I vili lida fram lifa

In my heart runs the blood of the Norse
To its fiery heat I have grown accustomed
It makes me gallop like a horse
In this life I have a custom

Live as the she wolf
Her ways are wise
One day I will be a wife
And I shall pass on this life

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^_^ Wie gehen der Tag?
dwelling in the spirit of Nature always carries strength beauty purpose meaning pleasure a lovely poem