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Blood On My Heart
(10 June 1978 / Cheshire, England)

Blood On My Heart

Poem By Matthew Holloway

I have loved and found loving kind
Until I found myself waiting
And the waiting never seemed to end
The love I felt grew on my soul
Weighted me to this earth
Till I could not stomach it anymore
And looked to cut myself free
It hurt like I had never been told
How could I expect to find this
I never knew the pain of love
Until I first fell into it
Now I just want to forget everything
But there is blood on my heart
Of a dying love how do wash it free
I had love and enjoyed loves company
Till it treated me so unkind
Do I still believe that love is real
Do I believe that its out there for me
I have no answer while I look down
At the blood on my heart

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Comments (12)

Nice piece the flow of word was steady and beautiful. Thanks for sharing
nice use of blood as a representation of experience in love, especially good the heart being the body's blood pumper
Hauntingly expressed about love lost, Matthew! The joy of feeling loved, makes us always come back for more but the fear and pain of love lost makes us want to avoid being hurt. The blood on heart will wash away when heart opens to new love.
the blood at your heart gives you life with nostalgic memory that seems comedy after you suffering tragedy......it gives you a healing touch.... lovely.
Congrats for selection of this poem as 'Poem of the Day'. Passion and the feelings of a jilted and heart-broken lover expressed beautifully. Thanks, MH. I never knew the pain of love Until I first fell into it I look down.... At the blood on my heart