Blood On The Wall

Poem By Angel of Darkness

Fingers of ice
stroking smooth skin
grotesque actions
about to begin.

Fantasies of a twisted mind
become horrifying reality
lustful pleasures sought
perverted brutality.

Shackled and tortured
screams provoke sadistic smile
crimson pain
another innocent defiled.

Shame to much to bare
slowly raising a knife
out of body experience
she takes her own life.

Blood on the wall
into eternal slumber she sinks
final words written
scrolled in human ink.

'I don't want to live my life
scared of the things guys do
forgive me dad
as I forgive you'.

Comments about Blood On The Wall

Powerful and chilling. The kind of poem that lingers long after it is read. Zen
very good poem i think its very well written and dark i like poetry like yours it tells you a story of how thiings are and why they are very good xxsaxynxx
A.O.D., Sounds very wrong to me, especially, on who the knife was use on! B.V.A.
Angel...This poem is chilling! ! The ending catches the reader off guard... Excellent work! ! Hugs, Dee

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