L T ( / Delton, MI, USA)


I went out on a date; with a boy I met at school,
I stayed out until late, which wasn't so cool.
He showed me his knife, and said: he'd cut me deep;
if I don't become his wife, he'll cause me to bleed!
I pleaded for my life, please set me free:
as he grabbed me tight; to god I cried my plea.
I became numb, as he began his attach;
fears and tars welled up deep inside,
I couldn't even murmur a sigh!
Leaving me for dead, I crawled and I fled,
staggering home in such shock, stained with my own lifeblood,
thou I felt deeply lost, I couldn't hardly bear to imagine the cost!
Mama cried, Daddy cursed; how could it get any worse!!!
The battle was son, I fault for my life,
hysterectomy caused by the knife,
my life was changed in an instant flash,
all my hopes and dreams ended in a moments crash!
Now, I lay in silence, with a body wrecked with pain,
a horrid memory of the traumatic eve darkened with blood-rain!

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Wow, That was intense. Very well written. Lylyanna